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U18 Prep skates

4 Sessions

Northern Regional Recreation Centre

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The Lake Country Coop is a major sponsor of the Northern Regional Recreation Centre.  They have put this beauty of a wrap on our new Olympia Ice Resurfacer, and it looks great!

We would like to thank the Lake Country Coop for their generous sponsorship and support of the NRRC!

We encourage all of our users to support Lake Country Coop, grocery, home & ag, fuel and liquor stores.

They truly are amazing community supporters!

Book Your Practice Ice or Rec Hockey Ice With Us! 

The NRRC has open ice available to rent!  Check out the availability and contact us be emailing:

The Ice Plant Is Running & We're Building Ice!

We are looking forward to the 2021/2022 season!  Our facility will be open for August 20th and ready to host Dallman's Conditioning Camp from August 23 - September 1.

book ice with us!

U18 Prep Skates with Raiders Assistant Coach Ryan McDonald!

August 26, 31, September 2 & 7

$25 per skate. Don't need to attend all skates.  Attend as many as you can!

Get ready for tryouts!

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We're building ice!